BEFORE                                                                                        AFTER

This was a small restoration project carried out by Delta Marine Services.  We treated her for osmosis and painted her from top to bottom.


Yacht Management/Guardenage

When your yacht is undergoing any works and you live and work away, or you simply don't have time, then we will manage these works and ensure that all work is carried out to the satisfaction of the customer. This includes a programme of general winter maintenance to major refits.

We will look after your boat on a regular basis, keeping it clean and maintained, tailored to suit you.


 Professional Valeting - interior and exterior

We clean the whole vessel on the outside, including rust and stain removal, covers and canopies (note topsides are not generally done whilst the vessel is afloat.)

We clean the interior - a basic clean to a thorough cleaning of bilges, cookers and lockers, carpets and upholstery



We use a number of systems for polishing gelcoat, we use a unique system for each boat depending on the level of deterioation.


Osmosis cure and prevention

We arrange for vessels to be sand blasted.  We then meter the hulls and decide on the correct system to be used.

Preventitive treatment is applied to either new boats or boats where the antifouling build up necessitates the need for removal, but the hull is "dry".



We use the best International antifoulings, those recommended for this area and ALWAYS apply two coats as standard - we pride ourselves on the fact that "our" boats come out cleaner than any others each year!



We will undertake small varnish tasks on vessels in the water, but large projects need to be undertaken ashore (preferably undercover - given the great British weather of late!)



Specialists in teak cleaning

We were the first importers of Snappy Teak Nu into the European market and it is now made in this country, having worked closely with the chemist to improve this two part product which is specifically designed for in depth cleaning of teak decks.